CNC-Shaping machine

New for 2008, is our industrial duty 3DM custom made CNC shaping machine, and Shape 3D software.

We have the ability, digitize boards on our machine, and then create a three dimensional file that then can be put into milling production, or refined, to help refine your prototyping.

Our machine can mill up to 16' long and over 36" wide, and is the largest tool path for a surfboard shaping machine that we know of. As a result, we are not limited to only surfboard production, we can mill Stand up paddle boards, small canoes, even boat parts!

Complimenting our milling capability, is our manufacturing facility, we are a complete in-house composite facility that has years of experience building composite boards.

Because our machine is built so strong, we can mill more than just foam, so if you have a project that we can help you with, don't hesitate to contact us.

Below is a movie that shows how we mill our Windssurf Boards and Surf Boards.

360° Wave Board Design

Below is a growing list of links to shaper's that are using our machine and facility to help enhance the accuracy and constancy of there products.

Some of our clients are:

Bill Foote

Peter Thommen

Timpone Surfboards

Sean Ordonez Shapes