How do you make your best board better, order a custom version!

What do you do when you favorite board is just a bit too thick, or thin for your body weight? This is a common problem that small, and large men, and and most women have. I get this all the time, "can you make me a board just like this, but … [Read more]

Pictures of some of our customers new boards

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We just milled our 4,000th board!!!!

      Shop full of blanks. … [Read more]

Nelson Factory Customer pays tribute to his niece

One of our best customers from Chicago recently had his niece pass, and wanted to do a tribute to her to keep her spirit with him as he is sailing. We were already in the process of making him a new 116 liter board for sailing in the demanding … [Read more]

2014 Nelson Factory Sail Sticker Kit

Check out the new Nelson Factory Sail Sticker Kit. Sail Kits are $25.00 plus shipping. The main banner is 20.5" X 4.5" The big logo is 18.5" wide X 16.75" tall Kits come with application paper already applied. And here are the colors you can … [Read more]

2014 Speed Board

Check out our new open ocean speed board! If you want to break 36 knot's and get into the 40's, then drop us a line. Here is the profile and outline.  We re-mill the bottom once the deck sandwich is on, to ensure the most … [Read more]

Bill Foote’s custom Maliko 14

Bill Foote is a leader in downwind SUP designs, and we are stoked to work with him over the years to help him and his customers get of some of the best boards in the world! If you would like more information about a custom Foote board, you can … [Read more]

Windsurfers Rescue A Dog in the SF Bay

On the 12th of August, members of San Francisco's windsurfing community helped to rescue a small dog that was swimming in the San Francisco Bay! Below is the story from one of the sailors that helped with the rescue, he happens to own two Nelson … [Read more]

An Inside Look At How Surf Boards Are Made

We thought we'd give you a step by step behind-the-scenes look at how we build our boards from scratch. We work directly with our customers to design your new board, we won't start until all the details of your boards shape, and construction are … [Read more]

5 Reasons to Choose a Nelson

Depending on your height, weight and level of skill, you may require a board made specially for you. Most boards today are made in a factory, and are one-size-fits-all. You have to fit the board, rather than the board fitting to you. Nelson Factory … [Read more]