Long Board / Race

Racing is back, and you need a modern performance board that will perform in light and variable conditions.

If your sailing area has consistent 5 to 20 mph winds, this is the biggest bang for your buck. Reaching upwind like an Americas Cup boat, blasting a reach, or or blazing straight downwind, course racing is one of the most demanding physical and mental, sports going.

Adjustable mast track, and dagger board, multiple light weight foot straps, custom designed and built fins and dagger blades, these boards have more options than Burger King.

If you are in the market for a custom Race board, lets talk!

Our custom service:

- custom shape designed around you
- advanced composite construction built to order
- full carbon boards, super light construction
- extra layers of carbon or glass
- the precise volume you want

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Race Board

The Racing scene is growing again, and there are a few good options out there, some new, and some old, but no one is offering custom boards! If you have an idea, or you want a modified version of an existing design, we can make it happen!