An Inside Look At How Surf Boards Are Made

We thought we’d give you a step by step behind-the-scenes look at how we build our boards from scratch.

We work directly with our customers to design your new board, we won’t start until all the details of your boards shape, and construction are sorted.

But don’t worry, if your not on Maui, we are accustomed to working remotely with people from all over the world.

1 Design

2.  Next, we CNC mill the bottom of your board.

2 Bottom mill

3.  We custom make a new rocker stick that will help ensure that the entire building process is as accurate as possible.

3 make rocker stick to match board

4.  Next, we check the fit.

4 check fit

5.  The bottom sandwich is vacuumed onto the blank.

5 bottom sandwich

6.  The blank is now milled again for the final deck shape.

6 Final deck CNC mill

7.  The milled deck is finish shaped and all of the inserts are marked for the carbon reinforcements inside the the deck sandwich.

7 Final tune prior to Deck Sandwich

8.  The deck sandwich is now vacuumed down with the rocker stick inside the vacuum bag.

8 Deck Sandwich

9.  The board is finish shaped, insert  locations market again, and then the board is routed using jigs to ensure an accurate installation.

9 Finish shape fully sandwiched board and route for inserts

10.  All of the inserts are installed.

10 install Inserts

11.  The deck lamination is vacuumed on.

11 Deck Lam

12.  Then the bottom lamination is vacuumed on.

12 Bottom Lam

13.  The final sanding coat (or Hot coat) is applied.

13 Hot Coat

14.  The board is now sanded, and spot putty is applied.

14 Sand Hot Coat and Spot puddy

15.  The Spot putty is sanded, the board primed,  a second spot putty applied, and then finish sanded.

15 Sand Spot Puddy and Primer

16.  The final paint is applied.

16 Sand and Paint

17.  The graphics, pads, and texture are applied.

17 graphics pads and texture

18.  Ready to rip!!

18 Test

We hope you found this informative, if you have any questions, drop us a line.

Check out the 12 video’s that show the whole process!