5 Reasons to Choose a Nelson

SUP board constructionDepending on your height, weight and level of skill, you may require a board made specially for you. Most boards today are made in a factory, and are one-size-fits-all. You have to fit the board, rather than the board fitting to you. Nelson Factory is one of the few operations in the world that will make a custom board, constructed just for you.

What makes Nelson  custom boards stand out from the crowd? Here are 5 reasons why:

1. A Perfect Fit

– All of our boards are custom engineered and built around your specific weight, preferences, and location

– CAD designs ensure that you know exactly what you get

– Over 20 years experience working with pros, and people like you to ensure you get the best and most current designs

– Our custom built 3DM CNC machine insures the most accurate board milling

– We can mill 16′ long X 36″ wide, allowing more design flexibility


2. Accelerated Learning

– Having Mark design your next board will help your learning curve in ways not possible from a production board


3. Value

– Utilization of the best materials, ensures years of trouble free sailing, and return on investment when you go to sell


4. Exceptional Service

– Design and construction consultation and attention to detail from start to finish

– Let us build your new board specifically around your needs, from ultra light to supper bomber, we can help you!

– Custom paint and artwork, board colors, graphics, including full board artwork and stickers

– Let Mark help guide you to the right rig, and fins, to optimize your new Nelson custom board


5. The Best!

– You deserve it!  You work hard, so you can play hard, so why not have the best board

– Check out all the Pros we have worked with, more than any other custom shop in the world! Levi SiverKauli Seadi, Josh Angulo, Marcilio “Brawzinho”, Ricardo Campello, Jason Polakow, Björn Dunkerbeck, Matt Pritchard, Kevin Pritchard, Robby Swift, Nik Baker and many more!

– See all the Companies we have worked with from shops to some of the biggest brands in our industry! Mistral, Fanatic, F2, Quatro International, JP Australia, Neil Pryde Maui, Sean Ordonez SOS, Charlie Smith, Timpone, Jimmy Lewis, Angulo and many more!


  1. Vincent Fallourd says:


    I would like to get an estimate on a custom board. I am a short sailor and have not found anything that really fits me in the production world.
    What I have in mind is something that will be short and wide, with at least tri-fin option or ideally a 5 box board. What really is the most important is the width between straps and mast and both front and back straps. This is the main reason for a custom board: at my level (20+ years of windsurfing, slalom, wave and freestyle) I can tell the board is holding me back. I sailed 100+ days in the Bay area, whether it be the coast or the big swell of the inside of the bay.

    I am using the best board I’ve ever sailed which was the AHD Seal 74 to come up with the measurements below (It was designed in 2006 with a shape way ahead of its time!)

    Length: 7’0-7’2 / 215 cm +- 2cm (SEAL: 213)

    Width: about 23′ / 58 cm (SEAL: 58)

    rocker: faster than hookipa board but still loose. I am light and planning or speed are not an issue. I was something carvy and turny.

    Volume: 75-78

    I want the board to be light since I am 140# so I may not need the same level of reinforcement than you would for someone 180# and over)
    I have a graph to give you the distance between fin base, mast base and footstraps. I will send you with a reply to your reply.

    Please contact me by email or phone: 415 547 9039 to discuss, price, timeline and the board itself..

    Thank you,

    • marknelson says:

      Hi Vincent;

      Thank you for taking the time to drop us a line, it sounds as though you are the perfect candidate for one of our custom boards.

      I look forward to working with you to design and build the board you have been looking for.



  2. tom stalheber says:

    Looking for a fast freeride shape forobx soundside for winter. Boards look great and fast.Want a shape for 4.5 thru 6.0 This will not be a wave board .Please make suggestionsand cost with shipping to nc zip code

    Will add a larger shape for spring 6-7.5

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