These are the Services we offer:

If you have any additional questions please drop us a line and we would be happy to talk with you! 

1. Custom built boards

- custom shape designed around you
- full carbon boards, super light construction
- advanced composite construction built to order
- extra layers of carbon or glass
- the precise volume you want

2. Product development & consultation

- consultation for companies & individuals
- proto typing, testing, construction enhancement
- master plugs built for mass production

3. CNC Milling & digitizing service

- large and oversized boards, 16” long  x 36” wide
- digitizing of existing shapes and programming

4. 3D CAD board design & consultation

- 3D board design service for shaper, designer and production companies
- all information is kept strictly confidential!

5. Construction consultation

- specialized custom construction, consultation for Sailboards, Surfboards, Sup, Kite, and Production
- custom construction consultation for other sporting goods

6. Graphics design & consultation

- custom airbrush designs
- custom computer graphic designs

Virtual Wave Board

Our clients.

Below there is a list of links to the shapers' web sites who use our machine to enhance their products.

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Peter Thommen

Sailboards Maui

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Bill Foote