Slalom Boards

When the wind is up, and you feel the need for speed, then Slalom is were it's at!

Racing, or challenging your friends to see who is the fastest, from 40 knots and 74 ltr boards, to 10 knots and 135 ltr race boards, from oceans to fresh water lakes and rivers, if you have wind, we'll get you plaining quicker and sailing faster!

Very few custom board companies have the desire, or experience to design and build modern Slalom boards, but we have been doing it for more than ten years.

So drop us a line, and we'll build you the best board ever!

Our custom service:

- custom shape designed around you
- advanced composite construction built to order
- full carbon boards, super light construction
- extra layers of carbon or glass
- the precise volume you want

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Slalom Board

Above is an example of our 100 liter Slalom board, it is perfectly suited for powered up conditions for your 6.6 up to your 7.8, we love to work closely with our customers to help target there precise requirements and expectations.