Surf Boards

Surfing is the roots of our sports, and we offer a wide variety of designs, but, what set's us apart is the ability to produce high end composite construction, computer designed and CNC milled boards. We offer skim boards, big wave tow boards, short boards, mini tankers, and long board - nose riders, built specifically to your requirements.

Our construction has been tested in heavy Hawaiian and Australian surf, and has exceeded even our expectations of durability! All our EPS boards come with our Gortex vent vales, that is maintenance free, and keeps your board perfectly vented continusly. We use only the best "Hexel" fibreglass and carbon fibres, which means our boards are also some of the most expensive, but saying that last much longer, and actually have a resale value that makes sense compared to disposable boards.

So if you've not getting what you want from the rest, give us a try, and we'll build to you a board that will blow you away!

Mini Tanker

We have the biggest and most accurate shaping machine in the the world, that was specifically designed to mill surfboards based on our requirements.

We can digitize your favorite board, and then make it even better as a result.