Wave SUP Board

If you love to surf, and want a different way to have fun, then a hybrid SUP is the call.

You want a board that you can really turn, and surf, then you need a performance board.  We feel that a scaled up version of a modern short board design is the right direction, so that's what we have done.  Of course, the rocker has been lowered to help increase paddling speed, and we increased the overall length, width and thickness. We have three style of construction available, and recommend either twin, thrusters or a quad fin set up.

Your gonna have so much fun and catch so many waves with one of these boards, that you may wonder why you waited so long to try it!

Our custom service:

- advanced composite construction built to order
- large and oversized boards, 16” long  x 36” wide
- custom shape designed around you
- super light construction
- race, wave or cross over SUP designs

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SUP Wave Board

Above is an example of performance wave model that is 8'8" X 28", it has all the main feature of a modern short board like single to double concaves, a progressive outline, and rocker that has been lowered and smoothed out to help early planing to get you out through the surf and to catch waves easily!