SUP Race Board

Paddle racing is nothing new, but these boards are new divisions, and they are catching a lot of peoples attention, from specialized down winders, to flat water racing hulls, we can help make you faster!

To get from A to Z as fast as you can, you need a hull that is specifically designed to optimize your conditions. From Downwinders, with increased nose rockers, and efficient water dispersing and lifting bottom shapes, we have what it takes to get you to the front of the fleet. If you have smooth water, then a flat water racing hull is the perfect choice, with a supper low flat rocker line, and efficient computer designed shape, we can build you the fastest board!

So check us out, were ready to to get you up to speed!

Our custom service:

- advanced composite construction built to order
- large and oversized boards, 16” long  x 36” wide
- custom shape designed around you
- super light construction
- race, wave or cross over SUP designs

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SUP Race Board

Above is an example of our 14' X 27" down wind racer, we concentrate just as hard on rocker entry as the release sections, and rail profiles.  When it comes to paddling, you NEED to have the most efficient design, so if you are serious, were ready!