What's UP!

SUP is, and growing faster than all other water sports right now! This sport is literally taking off, and we are here to build you what ever you can think up.

We offer a variety of models, constructions, options and accessories for the SUP boarder.  For ripping it up in the surf, to cross over's, down winders, and flat water racers, there's a SUP to keep you stoked!  Drop us a line, and we will work together to make exactly what you are looking for.

One of the main reasons we have the biggest shaping machine in the world is to offer computer designed and milled boards that no other company can.

So if your looking for a great work out, no matter where you are, there's an SUP model we can build to style you out!

Our custom service:

- advanced composite construction built to order
- large and oversized boards, 16” long  x 36” wide
- custom shape designed around you
- super light construction
- race, wave or cross over SUP designs

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the services we offer ?

Cross Over SUP

Above is an example of our Cross Over model, it is 11' X 32" wide and is the perfect board to learn the basics on flat water, downwinders, small surf and even with a sail when you want to try something different.

It's one board that will keep the whole family entertained and on the water for years to come!