Cross Over Board

There's a lot of water out there to explore and play on, and these boards offer the widest variety for you to get out there!

Cross over's can be used as large SUP boards in moderate surf, for down winders, or as a great core work out. Additionally, you have the option of getting a mast track installed, and use it as a windsurfer in light to moderate wind when the surf gets blown out, your still ripping! Available with multiple fin box options and construction styles to best suite your conditions and needs.

Jump on, and see what everyone's talking about, your gonna love it! 

Our custom service:

- advanced composite construction built to order
- large and oversized boards, 16” long  x 36” wide
- custom shape designed around you
- super light construction
- race, wave or cross over SUP designs

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Cross Over Board

Above is an example of our Cross Over model, it is 11' X 32" wide and is the perfect board to learn the basics on flat water, downwinders, small surf, and even with a sail when you want to try something different.

It's one board that will keep the whole family entertained and on the water for years to come!