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Thanks for checking out our site, we are a custom epoxy sandwich construction and fabrication shop that specializes in high end composite boards.

The Nelson Factory is located on the North Shore of Maui, and is one of the few customs facilities still operating due to our attention to detail. We have been building high end custom boards for the last fifteen years, serving many of the top pros in windsurfing, and clients looking for something special that they were unable to find elsewhere.

New for 2008, we've installed the biggest and most accurate CNC milling machine made for boards in the world. Its operating capacity allows us to mill boards up to 16' long, and 36" wide. In addition to our own line, we're helping other top shapers mill customs designs and building master plugs for companies seeking quality products they can rely on.

So check out the rest of our site, and let us know what type of board we can build for you!

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Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson
CEO Nelson Factory

If you can think it up, we can build it! We also do contract work as an independent facility, from parts for canoes to hulls for boats, custom housing's for camera's, even carbon parts for cars and motorcycles!

If you need a composite part made, give us a try, you'll be glad you did!

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