How do you make your best board better, order a custom version!

2013 Tabou 240 X 59 88ltr

What do you do when you favorite board is just a bit too thick, or thin for your body weight?

This is a common problem that small, and large men, and and most women have.

I get this all the time, “can you make me a board just like this, but make it a bit smaller, larger, faster, more maneuverable etc, etc.

This is an example of how we work with our customers, to help them have the most fun on the water.

It started with a conversation about my customers 2013 88 ltr Tabou Manta Slalom board, he loved the way it sailed, but it was 10 mm thicker than the previous version, and that was just too thick for his body weight.

So he asked if I could make a scaled version, and this is how I went about it.

First, I measured his board, this meant the rocker, thickness flow, outline, bottom shape, rail shape, insert locations, and finally the deck concave.

2013 Tabou 240 X 59 88ltr


Next was to create a digital version oh his production board.  It turned out to be 88.7  ltrs.


Tabou Production 88ltr SL plan shape info


Then I created a new sub-file for my customer, thinned it out, but we did not want the  mid to nose to be too thin, so I reduce the depth of the deck concave to make sure we did not loose too much volume.  Note, the outline, rocker, bottom shape, and rail shape from the apex of the down remained the same.  Below is a screen shot of the mid slice showing how the deck was thinned out.

mid slice comparison


And here is the profile, showing how we eliminated the extra volume, yet still kept the rest of the board the same.

scaled down profile


And finely, here is a shot of the deck concave, as a result, the depth of the deck concave has been reduced by close to 50 percent.

deck concave compromise


The end result is that the board has reduced in volume from 88.7 ltrs, down to 83.4 ltrs.

scaled down plan shape 83.4 ltr

3D view


If you are like my customers, and would like something custom tailored specially to you, give us a call, if you can dream it up, we can build it!

Pictures of some of our customers new boards

63.5 ltr wave #22-1780

63.5 ltr wave #22-1780 67 ltr wave #22-1666 72 ltr wave #23-2138 75 ltr wave #22-1510 76 ltr wave #22-1350 78 ltr free-ride #23-2046 79 ltr thruster wave #24-3574 89 ltr Blaster wave #24-3554 93 wave #24-3510 94 ltr fast wave # 24-3639 95 ltr fast wave #24-3583 96 ltr Blaster wave #24-3060 98 ltr fast wave #24-3528 104 SL #24-3115 105 Blaster Ride #25-3986 106 ltr free ride #24-3416 107 SL #24-3083 108 ltr Blaster wave #25-3988 111 ltr Blaster #25-4045 116 ltr Blaster Ride #24-3116 117 Blaster Ride #25-3987 Spoons 79 ltr thruster wave #24-3613 80 ltr SL #24-2739 82 ltr SL #22-1545 82 ltr thruster wave #24-3417 82 Thruster wave # 24-3494 85 ltr SL #24-2740 87 ltr fast wave #24-3082

We just milled our 4,000th board!!!!

We just hit 4,000 !!!!!

We just hit 4,000 !!!!!




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Nelson Factory Customer pays tribute to his niece

Ed at the beach

One of our best customers from Chicago recently had his niece pass, and wanted to do a tribute to her to keep her spirit with him as he is sailing.

We were already in the process of making him a new 116 liter board for sailing in the demanding conditions in Chicago, so we were happy to help.

Ed at the beach

Ed also was able to write on the tail of the board prior to completion.


This was the artwork he submitted for the deck of his board.  Fernando Messera is the artist that help us.


This the the master plan shape for his new board, his local sailing spot is very demanding, and requires drifting out to the wind line, then deal with extremely copy conditions, lots of wind shifts, and then drift home, not to mention the cold water.  No wonder he comes to Maui two to three times a year!

Ed's Blaster Ride

And here are some words from ED:

The design of the board is a tribute in memory of my niece Delaney who died
this past July suddenly and accidentally.

I think that having a Nelson Custom made not only fulfilled my personal need
to match the style and conditions in which I will use the board, it also
gave me an opportunity to make a statement with the graphics.

 I have been able to add a graphic design element to my 4 Nelson Customs to
make them truly unique and personal. Add that to the quality of the board
and the excellent design and I have a quiver of winners.

Thanks Mark for making this possible.

Ed Coyne


2014 Nelson Factory Sail Sticker Kit

2014 sail sticker kit

2014 sail sticker kitCheck out the new Nelson Factory Sail Sticker Kit.

Sail Kits are $25.00 plus shipping.

The main banner is 20.5″ X 4.5″

The big logo is 18.5″ wide X 16.75″ tall

Kits come with application paper already applied.

Final sail logo

And here are the colors you can choose from, we also have Chrome, and Red Chrome for an extra $10.00 per set.

Vinyl colors

Windsurfers Rescue A Dog in the SF Bay

SF Bay Dog Rescue

On the 12th of August, members of San Francisco’s windsurfing community helped to rescue a small dog that was swimming in the San Francisco Bay!

Below is the story from one of the sailors that helped with the rescue, he happens to own two Nelson custom boards (the red one in one of the photos being one of them),

We are designing him a new 83 liter hi-wind board.

We hope you enjoy this hart warming story with a very happy ending.


SF Bay Dog Rescue

Story by John D. Newman

This morning I had the opportunity to read the news story your wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle As one of the windsurfers that came to the aid of the Labrador yesterday off of Treasure Island, I thought I would share some of the facts, and to identify to you the person that I believe to be the “true hero” in all of this.

He is one of windsurfing community, and a incredibly compassionate man. He is Ed Coyne, of San Rafael, CA.

Ed and I were windsurfing together about a mile north of Treasure Island when Ed noticed the labrador (mix) swimming aimlessly in the bay. As is evident in the photograph, the winds were up in the bay and there were substantial waves which were breaking periodically over the head of the dog.

Ed was determined to come to the aid of the dog, and to do everything possible to ensure that the dog would not drown.. He sailed near the dog and tried to garner her attention with commands of “Come here”. Nevertheless, the dog kept swimming towards Alcatraz. Ed sailed out ahead of the dog to get in her path and then single handedly Ed secured her by the nape of her neck to place the dog on his windsurfing board. Ed hailed other windsurfers who then joined him to assist.

As most of us carry VHF radios, I hailed the Coast Guard to report the situation and to request Coast Guard assistance. Shortly after placing the distress call on Channel 16 to the Coast Guard, Mr. Cohen and his friend were motoring back towards the East Bay and the flotilla of windsurfers then assembled to assist Ed Coyne and the dog waived their arms to indicate that assistance was needed. At that point, Ed Coyne coordinated the transfer of the dog to Mr. Cohen’s boat with a request that he take the dog to the Berkeley Humane Society to attempt to find its rightful owner.

This is a wonderful story with a happy ending.

That dog has one person to thank in particular, and it is Ed Coyne…truly this dog’s best friend!

Very truly yours,

John D. Newman