How do you make your best board better, order a custom version!

2013 Tabou 240 X 59 88ltr

What do you do when you favorite board is just a bit too thick, or thin for your body weight?

This is a common problem that small, and large men, and and most women have.

I get this all the time, “can you make me a board just like this, but make it a bit smaller, larger, faster, more maneuverable etc, etc.

This is an example of how we work with our customers, to help them have the most fun on the water.

It started with a conversation about my customers 2013 88 ltr Tabou Manta Slalom board, he loved the way it sailed, but it was 10 mm thicker than the previous version, and that was just too thick for his body weight.

So he asked if I could make a scaled version, and this is how I went about it.

First, I measured his board, this meant the rocker, thickness flow, outline, bottom shape, rail shape, insert locations, and finally the deck concave.

2013 Tabou 240 X 59 88ltr


Next was to create a digital version oh his production board.  It turned out to be 88.7  ltrs.


Tabou Production 88ltr SL plan shape info


Then I created a new sub-file for my customer, thinned it out, but we did not want the  mid to nose to be too thin, so I reduce the depth of the deck concave to make sure we did not loose too much volume.  Note, the outline, rocker, bottom shape, and rail shape from the apex of the down remained the same.  Below is a screen shot of the mid slice showing how the deck was thinned out.

mid slice comparison


And here is the profile, showing how we eliminated the extra volume, yet still kept the rest of the board the same.

scaled down profile


And finely, here is a shot of the deck concave, as a result, the depth of the deck concave has been reduced by close to 50 percent.

deck concave compromise


The end result is that the board has reduced in volume from 88.7 ltrs, down to 83.4 ltrs.

scaled down plan shape 83.4 ltr

3D view


If you are like my customers, and would like something custom tailored specially to you, give us a call, if you can dream it up, we can build it!

We just milled our 4,000th board!!!!

We just hit 4,000 !!!!!

We just hit 4,000 !!!!!




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Bill Foote’s custom Maliko 14

3.5 Bottom Lam

Bill Foote is a leader in downwind SUP designs, and we are stoked to work with him over the years to help him and his customers get of some of the best boards in the world!

If you would like more information about a custom Foote board, you can check him out at;  


1. BF 3D

2. bottom mill

3. Deck lam

4. blue

6. Yellow

7. Racing stripe

8. White with green